Bombay Blue Herbal Incense







Bombay Blue Herbal Incense is an exotic herbal blend with mild and mellow aromatic scents made of Eastern herbs. The blend is milder thanmost herbal incense and tends to give off a mellower vibe. The texture of this blend is fluffy and comes in a re-sealable bag for freshness. It is an optimal blend of top quality, exotic ingredients. I lit this incense in my room and it had me in a very chilled and mellow mood.

This blend is created by and is the first choice for Herbal Incense users looking for a milder, smoother scent in their living room. I found it a really relaxing incense to burn in my room and highly recommend it to fans of Herbal Incense.  You can find an in-depth analysis on the product at Erowid.

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